5 Reasons Why Get Solar Panels Now in Victoria

1.Each year the Federal Goverment pays 7% less rebate to cover your costs of installing Solar Panels on your Home. 

2. With the VIC solar rebate you can receive up to $1,888 on top of the Federal Gov rebate towards the costs of installing solar Panels on your House. For example a 6:6 KW system may cost $10,000 minus fed rebate, minus vic solar rebate = $5,012 for a decent solar system

3.VIC Solar has a Battery rebate. The rebate is $4,800 in round figures. That is a decent rebate. However you can only choose the Victorian solar panel rebate or the battery rebate. {in most cases take the Vic Solar battery rebate if you are deciding to have solar panels and batteries}. You can get just batteries put onto a existing solar system provided you meet certain conditions.

4.You can also when you claim the Vic solar rebate apply for a interest free loan. In most cases you will save more on your power bills than the repayment of a loan.

5.Solar Panels are one of the best investments you can make. Even if it took as long as 5 years to get your return of investment from installing your solar system, that is still 20% return. That is awesome! Put that money into a bank and see what you get. Click here to get a decent solar system

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